Keto Cure Me featured on Jimmy Moores Low carb Conversations

Hi everyone,
this is a really quick post to let you know that my interview with Jimmy Moore and Dietician Cassie’s Low Carb Conversations is up on his website and on Itunes!

Low Carb ConversationsThis podcast was such fun to be a part of, particularly as Jimmy is someone I truly look up to as a beacon in the LCHF way of eating. It was also awesome to promote the Keto Cure Me blog as a vehicle to promote healthy low carb (no sugar) eating.

Jimmy’s own story to better health is inspirational and you can check it out in his books Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity.

The podcast also featured Max Lugavere and his documentary Bread Head. You can read my interview with Max on the blog page of Keto Cure Me.

As I said, just a quick post to let you know the podcast is now live, Check it out.

Take care of yourselves, Michelle Keto Cure Me.

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Michelle Turnbull

Michelle Turnbull

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