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Hi everyone, I thought I would write a quick blog post about how to get started in Keto, especially for those of you who are really new to the low carb or very low carb way of eating.

I wrote a fact sheet that can be found HERE and on the website under the free resources tab.

The Keto Cure Me Ketogenic fact sheet is in written in basic terms and is really easy to follow. Its a handy little document to pass on to family or friends who want to know a little more about a ketogenic diet, so feel free to share it.

When I first got started in Keto, I wasn’t really sure about what being in ketosis meant.

I didn’t know if I would only have to be in ketosis for a short while until I lost weight and my general health improved or if I would want to stay on it for life and get off the diet bus completely.

The answer for me is now very apparent.

Following the principles of a ketogenic diet is now my completely normal way of eating. Its not a punishing diet that I have to stick to under duress like so many other eating plans I have followed in the past.

I have been in ketosis for some time now and I have been able to incorporate the Ketogenic way of eating into my lifestyle completely.

My family eat keto when they are at home. If I’m cooking it, they have to eat it!

No one complains or asks for takeaway at our house. The keto meals I cook stave off hunger and I can’t remember when someone in my home moaned about not being offered dessert. They are usually too full.

What my boys do when they are out is up to them. I know they still eat processed carbs and drink sugary soda sometimes, but they are individuals who are making thier own decisions about what they eat and drink. I know they eat much less of the junk now. I educate them when they will listen and encourage them to help me prepare food. Not one of them minds when I ask them to cook mushrooms sauteed in butter and cream.

Its not all beer and skittles

When I go to the shopping centre and walk past cake shops and the like, I have a brief hankering for a slice of this and that. Its only fleeting and I truly am not tempted anymore.

The difference these days is that I know whats in that slice of pie and how damaging it is to my health. I have a deep down fear of going back to being unwell and having to deal with everything that comes from being over weight, cloudy headed and very unhappy with myself.

  • I no longer have sore knees and feet or back pain from being so heavy.
  • I have a mental clarity that is amazing to me, compared to what I had.
  • I am no longer pre diabetic and higher in risk factors for cancer, heart disease and neurological problems.
  • I feel great about how I look and my self esteem is where it should be.

The changes that have occured in my health and wellbeing since committing to Keto are outstanding to say the least.

As a registered nurse I really enjoy what I do. (Except night shift…snore).

My whole life I have wanted to be in a profession where I would be able to care for the people around me and in my community. Its not some sort of Florence Nightingale thing, it just makes me happier in myself that I am able to be there for people who are at thier most vulnerable. I’m also one of those people who can deal with the more ickier things like blood and … other stuff.

I try not to dwell on the sadder aspects of nursing, of which there are many, instead I work on my Keto Cure Me website and blog, and work with people who are proactive about making positive changes to thier health via my Keto Cure Me consultations and via social media.

When I was a full time journalist, all I wanted to do was write about health and help inform as many people as I could about solutions to thier health problems.

Unfortunately journalism is a really dodgy field to work in. I was very rarely allowed to write or broadcast topics that I believed were helpful and informative. I was only allowed to write or broadcast on topics that made money for the major media organisations I work for.

Naive? Yes probably, but I was always hopeful. At least now that I freelance I can say and share what I like and I believe will be interesting and informative. (Stay tuned for all the info I will be bringing back from the South African International, Low carb, High Fat Health Summit in Feb!).

Well like many of you I have always seemed to take the long way around getting things done and my life has kind of played out backwards, if you know what I mean. I seem to getting better with age though. It only took me 20 years of low fat dieting to realise that everything I had been told was upside down.

So here is me, upside and doing things backwards but it doesn’t matter.

If you are struggling with health problems like being overweight or any other type of illness, you have nothing to lose by giving low carb a go. There is an amazing amount of medical and scientific literature thats supports low carb, high fat.

Low fat diets have made millions of people unwell and even more obese in a self defeating vicious cycle of diets that make you feel terrible.

If thats you, try the opposite, high fat, low carb and moderate protein. You will be surprised how easy it is to kick high carb, sugary foods to the curb once you get started.

If you are making the leap to a low carb lifestyle and need some help, email me or message me on face book and twitter. I am more than happy to point anyone to sources of information or just have a chin wag (aussie for chat đŸ™‚

So check out the Ketogenic information sheet and pass it on. If you want to add recipes to the site you can email me or share on my FB and twitter acounts.

Take care of yourselves,
Michelle Keto Cure Me.
be happy

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