Caring for yourself and your health is the basis for a happy and positive life. If you don’t feel well it’s pretty hard to be happy or to go about your day to day life with a sense of purpose and feelings of well being.

Please feel free to click on the PDF to access some fundamental ketogenic dietary information. I hope that it may help you decide to try the Keto Cure Me food plan and call for a chat about how Keto Cure Me can support you while you get your health back to where it should be.

My life was changed for the better simply by eating good healthy food and leaving out the chemical laden pre packaged stuff on the supermarket shelf. Cheers, Michelle

My Goal with this free resources page was to share basic ketogenic meals that are easy and quick. It is rare for any of my meals to have artificial sweetners or gums because of the dangers they cause if eaten in excess.

The recipes on this site are created to get you started in Keto.

Keto in itself is simple. I use fresh healthy ingredients that help you lose weight and improve chronic health disorders, they also assist with stopping carb cravings.

Everything I make can be taken to work or frozen for later.

I will add more recipes to the site over time. If you have a recipe you would like to add, feel free to contact me at Keto Cure Me and I will post it here.

When I create meal plans for my Keto Cure Me clients, I provide a greater range of recipes that suit the individuals needs or family meals along with added support and coaching.

I believe that if you make something complicated you add more stress and work to your already busy lives.