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Michelle is a registered health professional, and is regarded by colleagues and patients as being down to earth, kind, funny, empathetic and very compassionate. Michelle is highly equipped to provide people with comprehensive and timely health advice and resources regarding Ketogenic and Paleo diets.

Michelle’s nursing experience in advanced health assessment, diabetes & renal nursing equip her with a sound body of health knowledge.

Michelle is happy to come to talk to large or small groups and provides many excellent free resources to get you started on you way to wellness.

Michelle Turnbull RN, Ketogenic & Wellness Coach

Michelle TurnbullRN, Ketogenic & Wellness Coach 

Michelle Turnbull, BN, BJ

Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Journalism, completing Masters in Diabetes Education and Management. Professional Health & Wellness advisor.

Founder of Keto Cure Me, Corporate & Personal Health Adviser.

Michelle Turnbull is a registered health professional, based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Michelle has worked in health & disability from 1989 and is very passionate about helping people make informed decisions about their health and well being.

In the last decade Michelle has worked in traditional media as a journalist and as a Radio & TV Producer.

As the founder of Keto Cure me, Michelle’s vision is to provide timely and helpful information to those who are struggling to find their way through the plethora of dietary advice and health information . Michelle is a mother of three sons, and is no stranger to the challenges of parenting, working and life’s ups and downs.

When I first contacted Michelle via the Keto Cure Me website, I knew that I would have to address many personal issues so I could move forward and experience better health. Michelle helped me to identify key concerns that were affecting both my physical & mental health. I have since lost a substantial amount of weight and have a mental clarity that I can only attribute to The ketogenic diet. I am thankful I found her and so are my family.
Irene Fifield, Auckland NZ.
Nov 2014

Michelle recently gave a free talk at my local library about ketogenic diets. The info provided was relevant to my goal to lose weight and improve my type 2 diabetes. The free resources she gave out were very helpful to my father who had developed epileptic seizures as a 70 year old. My dad is now on a much reduced dose of medication and has gained much of his independence back.
Karina Sampson, Northgate Brisbane, 2014