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If you feel like aliens have hijacked your body, your completely right!

All of the nasties in the processed food we eat is making you sick and you have been blaming yourself for years. You are not lazy or glutonous because you have been unable lose weight, you have been fed rubbish under the guise of healthy food from our supermarkets and from high level marketing campaigns for more than 50 years.

By coming to Keto Cure Me you have taken the first step in taking control of your life and out of the hands of big business and pharmaceutical companies who know exactly what they are doing to us all, (remember the tobacco giants?). We have truckloads of great advice and where to look for more info.

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Take Control of YOUR LIFE

Making a decision to take charge of your health and wellbeing is your right. If you are tired of traditonal health advice that has not helped you to see improvements in your weight or mental health, it may be time to try a more natural and ancestral approach to eating and your health in general.

Ketogenic diets aren’t new, in fact doctors have been treating people with Ketogenic diet since the 1920’s. Its ok to embrace new ideas and challenge tradtional dietary advice on the basis that you have very little to lose. So take a leap of faith and challenge some long held beliefs and move forward in your life.


Low-carb diets have been the subject of controversy for decades. The traditional approach by medical professionals and big agricultural & other business associations was to demonise animals fats and encourage grain based diets of brads & cereals and sugar. Not only did this make profits for big business but it also made us very very ill.

We were all told that if we ate animal fats our cholesterol would shoot up and our arteries would harden. Times have changed dramatically and it is now widely understood that the standard American & Australian diet (SAD) via the food pyramid is indeed upside down. It is sugar and our consumption of chemically and genetically modified processed carbohydrate rich diets that are causing the global diabetes epidemic, chronic disease and imflammatory disorders that is destroying the lives of adults and children all over the westernised worlds.

People believed that these SAD diets would raise cholesterol and cause heart disease because of the high fat content.

We now have access to more information than ever before and we can access studies and scientific evidence that has debunked these dietary myths.

The diet industry that continues to promote low fat products as being healthy are in actuality making you fatter and sicker every day. They routinely use toxic artificial sweetners to make food more palatable because they took the flavour out when they removed the fat, these are also making people very unwell. An example: aspartame, a well used sweetner has been proven to cause all manner of illness’s including cancer.

There are those in the health industry that state low carbohydrate diets will kill your energy and leave you malnourished, they use fear mongering to protect thier profits and do not understand ketosis or even how even bodies are designed to work from an evolutionary perspective. Unfortunately many of these people are the health professionals we have been taking advice from for years, who are hanging on dearly to what they learnt in university decades ago and simply refuse to acknowledge the updated science that is now available to everybody. So take a look at the resources Keto Cure Me will provide and make up your own mind. Not only do I have a solid understanding and education of the application of ketogenic diets but I have successfully used ketosis to treat my own medical condtions and many other people with outstanding results.

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