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Ketogenic Diets and Mental Health …Shout out

Hello Keto friends, This is Michelle From Keto Cure Me, a new Australian based Ketogenic blog.

I have been on a ketogenic diet for some time now and I have had enormous success with improving many aspects of my health, with my weight loss being one of the aspects and the other significant one being the complete and utter lifting of my depression and anxiety disorder.

My depression and anxiety disappeared after only one month in ketosis. It didn’t just get better it just went away.

I am heading to South Africa in February of this year as a journalist and health professional to cover the very first International Low Carb, High Fat Health Summit for medical professionals. Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Stephen Phinney, Jimmy Moore and other high profile Low carb researchers are some of the key speakers.

This is a game changer for the medical profession with the conference speakers promoting a high fat moderate, protein and low carb approach to medical treatments such as metabolic syndrome and all the chronic health related diseases that come with it.
When I return to Australia I intend to share as much of the medical information as possible with you all.

I would like to ask those of you who may have had issues with mental clarity or neurological conditions if you have seen improvements in your mental health or any other conditions that have impacted heavily on your life or that of people you know and care about. Even if those improvements have come about just through weight loss. Improved mental state etc.

I am also looking for any relevant studies or stories that you may have come across that could help with my journalistic research.

If you feel like giving me a hand, I’d really appreciate it. I’m really tired of seeing my patients suffer so much in our public health system, and many are not getting any better. I’d love to hear your stories….

Thanks in advance, Michelle, Keto Cure me.

Pics below before and after Keto….
keto beforeketo after

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Michelle Turnbull

Michelle Turnbull


  1. Kuahmd
    August 23, 2015 at 4:13 am — Reply

    Hi. Thanks. Great article on LCHF. I’ve been on lchf since April 15. I’m down to 12 kg. from 80 kg. But sometimes I’ve this pain on my right arm and shoulder. Do you have any explanation for this. By the way my blood pressure and glucose is back to normal and has stop statins though my MD insisted to carry on the meds. He doesn’t know I’m on LCHF.Thanks.

    • September 1, 2015 at 11:05 pm — Reply

      Hi Kuahmd, firstly let me apologise for not responding to your comment earlier. I have had some wordpress issues and now have a back-log of comments to respond to.
      You mention that you have had pain in your shoulder and right arm. You may be experiencing a magnesium deficiency. Going into ketosis you flush out excess water, you also lose electrolytes and minerals. If you can make sure that you replace magnesium, potassium and calcium, you problem may go away. When I first started keto many years ago I experienced muscle cramps in my legs. I solved this by using himalayan salt and taking a magnesium supplement.
      I hope this helps, again I apologise for not responding much sooner.
      Kind regards, Michelle, Keto Cure Me.

  2. Matt
    November 16, 2015 at 11:46 am — Reply

    I’m a 43yr old male who is so called ADD
    What I have discovered finally is that my symptoms are related to insulin resistance and carb intolerance. I’m a paramedic who works long hours and nightshifts and always used energy drinks coffee, sugary snacks and often prescribed stimulants which burnt out my adrenals and left me feeling flat and moody. I had been overworking my adrenals by them regulating my blood sugar . I’ve never had issues with my weight so trying keto for me was for mood stability and blood sugar regulation which it has worked better than I could of imagined.
    I’ve tried cycling carbs around exercise but my body is so carb sensitivite now that I’ve actually had brain fog / carb hangovers from it.
    Once I keto adapted and got fully into ketosis it was amazing to realise that I now have such a smooth clear stable energy and mood with no need for stimulants and no cravings for sugar.
    This has been the most liberating thing for me. I’m sleeping so well and my brain fog has gone .

    • December 1, 2015 at 9:09 am — Reply

      Hi Matt, WOW! I’m so happy that you are having such great results. Being a para or a nurse like me is hard work (esp shifts) so I can relate. Try not to carb cycle… it’s gonna cause more insulin resistance and boy do I know I lot about that. It is painful trying to get back into and stay in ketosis without confusing your system and eating too many carbs. Keep up the good work!
      Cheers Michelle
      Keto Cure Me.

  3. Rob S.
    November 27, 2015 at 11:21 pm — Reply

    hello, I’ve been doing keto for 32 days and I feel just ok, Not great. The only benefit I’ve had so far is less anger but I’m doing this diet to improve my ADHD and poor memory. So far neither has improved. Is this something that is coming still for me or is it only certain types of people who benefit congnitivly? I read a lot of reviews and the mental benefits seem to be mixed among the poster. I desperately need to improve, my mental problems have been destroying my life. By the way I follow the keto guidelines very strictly on my ratios and electrolights

    • December 1, 2015 at 8:13 am — Reply

      Hi Rob, thanks for your comment regarding your Keto journey. One of the most important factors with successful long term with Keto is to stick with it. 32 days is great! What many people do is treat Keto like a regular ‘diet’, and only do it for set periods. Keto is a long term (lifelong) change in our eating habits. I was strict keto for five years and had a few months where I went back to my pre keto eating habits. I gained considerable weight and all of my mental health issues resurfaced. Getting back into ketosis after stopping keto can be very problematic so stick with it to get the best results.
      The mental benefits you may get from Keto are varied. Stick with it, it’s different for everyone. Fat adaption can take a short time or several months. There is very little downside to keto so I would continue to keep at it
      If you would like a private consultation please let me know, I understand where you are coming from and have lots of resources that can help you continue on your keto journey.

      Cheers Michelle
      Keto Cure Me.

  4. Stephan
    November 18, 2016 at 6:53 am — Reply

    Hey Michelle,

    You look fantastic, well done on your journey and being an ambassador of the keto lifestyle.

    I have been on a keto plan for 7 days, my main motivation was to lose some flubber around my waist area, the stubborn fat just had to go 😉

    I have lost at least 1kg in a week eating fats and restricting my carbs to less than 20g/ per day. A have a lifelong history with depression and bipolar.

    What really impresses me with keto is that my mental state has improved, I feel less depressed, I feel im coping with life, my concentration and memory has increased. And these changes boosted my confidence. My brain is just seems to be more effective running on keto.

    This seem to be my solution and I hope it just gets better and better over time. If this continues, I might even be able to drop the anti-depressants one day, which would be fantastic.

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