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Old School Meat Recipes

I love cooking with old fashioned cuts of meat that I braise over time to create delish dishes that are tender and tasty meals for my family.

My Nana and my Mother both knew how to cook these hearty and economical meals as Nana lived through tough times as a child after world war one and then as a young wife and mother during world war two. My mother was a terrific homemaker who taught me more about saving money by using the cheaper cuts of meat and growing her own vegetables. I did’t realise until I had a family of my own that she had taught me so much.

Many people might turn up their noses when thinking about eating the cheaper cuts like Oxtail, tounge or beef cheeks. All I can say is that my waistine and my bank balance has improved by saving money on expensive cuts of meat and getting rid of the processed supermarket foods.

When you learn how to cook with old school cuts of meat you will find that they are the most tender and flavoursome dishes you have ever created. They are also perfect for a keto way of eating as they have plenty of fat on them.

I have written about how I love to use beef cheeks to make my breakfast broth. It is what I start my day with and it is so inexpensive. I have always been able to buy cheeks from my butcher and I know that my local supermarket stocks them as well.

Here is a list of cuts of meat that make for hearty and less expensive meals.

beef cheeks

I make a casserole similiar to Daube de boeuf a l’ancienne using beef cheeks.

Check out the recipe here.

Beef cheek is a large dense cut of meat that may seem tough, but trust me when I say that it melts in your mouth after only 3-4 hours of cooking.
You can do the same with pigs cheeks if you can get hold of them.


beef shinI use beef shin (chuck or Skirt) to make a variation of Beef Bourguignon, again its a slow cooked meal to create a tender and delicious meal. Perfect as we head into winter in Brisbane, Australia. This cheaper cut is from the muscles of the animal. If you get to use the bones you will have the flavours from the delicious marrow to flavour your dish.

Check out my Beef Bourguinon recipe here

Deciding to follow a ketogenic way of eating needn’t be hard, you will still eat hearty warm meals that consist of meat, vegetables, good fats including sour cream, double cream, butter and cheese…who wouldnt want to eat that!

I always thought I would miss bread, milk and fruit, but I don’t. It becomes easier the longer you stick with it. Even social events can be managed, it might be hard at first to avoid the sweets and high carb foods on offer, so go for the meats and other sources of protein first. If you feel like you truly can’t manage to avoid the sweets, eat before you go or simply take the food you want to eat.

Take care of yourselves,

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