Thanks to all of my keto supporters, your sharing means the world to me :)

Hello to all of the wonderful people who have been following Keto Cure Me over the past few months since starting my new blog and keto advisory website. I have really enjoyed sharing so much with so many of you from around the world via skype and email. So many …

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Keeping it Simple and Down to Earth… Ketogenic Diets

I woke up extra early this morning because I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would write as my next blog post. I was consumed with ideas but nothing was emerging into something that would satisfy my constant urge to write. I was sitting in my PJ’s in my Keto …

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New Recipe from the Keto Cure Me Kitchen

Hi everyone, welcome to another blog post from Keto Cure Me. Today I was in the Keto Cure Me kitchen, making an effort to create new recipes for my family which follow the Ketogenic diet guidelines to the letter! I have been slowly converting all of my family favourites over …