Thanks to all of my keto supporters, your sharing means the world to me :)

Hello to all of the wonderful people who have been following Keto Cure Me over the past few months since starting my new blog and keto advisory website. I have really enjoyed sharing so much with so many of you from around the world via skype and email. So many …

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Keto Cure Me Free Ketogenic Starters Guide

Hi everyone, I thought I would write a quick blog post about how to get started in Keto, especially for those of you who are really new to the low carb or very low carb way of eating. I wrote a fact sheet that can be found HERE and on …

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Welcome to Keto Cure Me’s First Blog Post for 2015

Hello everyone, welcome to Keto Cure Me and my very first blog post! I thought it highly appropriate to start my blog on the first day of January 2015, the time for new beginnings, fresh ideas and lots of hope and happiness. I’m feeling pretty good about 2015 as I’m …