Thanks to all of my keto supporters, your sharing means the world to me :)

Hello to all of the wonderful people who have been following Keto Cure Me over the past few months since starting my new blog and keto advisory website.

I have really enjoyed sharing so much with so many of you from around the world via skype and email. So many people have sent me interesting articles and news about the LCHF world out there and I am so grateful to everyone who has offered me so much support in my own journey towards better health.

I can honestly say the best thing about sharing information is what I get back in return. I have provided free ketogenic fact sheets, meal plans, offered advice from a nursing and diabetes perspective, shared experiences with people about mental health and they have shared in return.

A person I once worked with (at a community organisation in Brisbane), he told me that if I shared my health knowledge with other people via my writing, I could help so many more people than I have been able to do in my role as an RN. He was right. Empowering people to change their habits through words is a powerful thing. Working as a nurse is a challenging role and has great value and I have been able to help a lot of people in the past, but there was always only so much I could do. Most of the time I felt that as health professionals we should be able to do so much more, particularly when it comes to nutrition. This is where public health food and nutritional guidelines need serious work.

When I write and share how I was able to beat type two diabetes, or about how I got my weight under control by reducing carbs / sugar, I know that I am not alone and that so many others are dealing with the same things I am.

Thank you to all of the people who have sent me emails telling me how well they are feeling or how the meal plans I sent them are helping to improve how they feel on a day to day basis. I love keto coaching and motivating others…. you can do this to by sharing the meal plans, recipes and other free keto resources on my Keto Cure Me blog. Share positive stories, news and research that supports the LCHF approach to better health. Share your health stories, talk about mental health and support your family and friends if they are trying to improve their health by eating LCHF.

You may have noticed that the website has been updated and has a new look, I hope you like it, feel free to leave your stories and comments or contact me if you would like some help with a keto meal plan. I also have lots of links to free keto resources and book suggestions to get you started.

Keep up the good work and stick with keto if that is what you are doing…. that’s the key to beating diseases like type two diabetes, metabolic syndrome and sugar addictions. Between us all we have a wealth of information to share and together we can keep motivating each other to become healthier happier individuals.

I was hoping to hear from anyone who had been seeing some success at improving joint pain, inflammation, or improvements in muscular stiffness or nerve pain. I was pleased to hear from a lovely lady who asked my advice about bone broth and its healing properties where joint pain is concerned. (She has arthritis in her hands and knees). I was pleased to hear that she felt her arthritic symptoms improve after a few weeks of eating broth and removing sugar from her diet completely. How good is that! She didn’t do anything fancy, just used my broth recipe on the free recipe page. Check it out. 

I have been eating a lot of bone broth lately for a couple of reasons, one is that is so nutritious and filling, a great way to start your day and if you have digestive issues like I do.  You will find eating broth really helps to ease a poor digestion. I have also been eating it a lot because it is cold now in Brisbane and it is a great way to warm up in the mornings. I have a chronic back condition that has not been helped by losing weight. I injured my lower back at work helping a patient to dress and I have been unable to be pain free for many months. It has impacted on my work, my family and my mental health.  I have re-reading my copy of nourishing broth and have been eating bone broth twice per day for a several weeks. I know that it helps restore collagen and relieves my sore hips. I know this to be true because when I go a week without my bone broth I begin to feel stiff and worse in my lower lumbar region.

I find making bone broth to be so easy, very simple. One batch lasts me several days and as standing in the kitchen for long period cooking makes my lower back ache I prefer to plan my meals ahead and freeze batches of broth for later. If you have a special broth recipe to share, send it to me and I will send it to all of my subscribers and post it one the recipe page with your name if you wish.

Lastly I want to say another thanks to everyone that has shown support to me while I have been unwell with my back and other health issues. Your support makes me feel that I am important and that I matter in this world, even though I am unable to be back at work nursing just yet. Thanks a bunch, your’e a wonderful group of friends from all over the world.


Take care of yourselves, ask for help if you need it.

Hugs all around xx




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